Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

7375 - Internet Service Provider Agency

eWareness is an Internet service providers. We provide clients access to the Internet and are experts in providing related services such as web hosting, web page designing, and hardware or software consulting related to Internet connectivity. We also provide local, regional, and national coverage for clients and provide backbone services for other Internet service providers. We have the equipment and telecommunication network access required for a point-of-presence on the Internet.

eWareness, Inc. is a US Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business. We specialize in offering local, county, state and federal government agencies a full line of technology products and services. From web and graphics design & development to database construction, we focus 100% on customer satisfaction. Services include: public relations, custom software development, marketing services, advertising services, database design, graphic design services, printing services, technology services and more. We are 51% owned by a service disabled veteran. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you meet the new 3% procurement guidelines for SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses). You can also download our complete Capabilities Information Sheet for future reference. This brochure conveniently puts all of our procurement numbers and classification codes on to one easy to view page.

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