Web Promotions Services

While having a nice, professional, search friendly web site is a great start, it's certainly not the save all for what ails your company.  Nothing drives quality traffic to your site better than a well thought out web promotion campaign.  eWareness can work with you or your staff to come up with creative and inexpensive ways to drive more traffic to your site. Collectively, we've been doing this for nearly 15 years and we know many ways to promote your web site.

Web promotion has a foundation. Most sites (even award winning sites) are missing the the fundementals. These web promotion fundamentals are needed in order to optimze your site for the search engines and directories. Many web designers and most self proclaimed "Internet Promotions Experts" don't understand the fundamentals. It is for this reason most will try to push you from the beginning into running ads on Yahoo and Google. Why would you spend money doing online advertising when you can get even more exposure for free. There is a place for Sponsored Search Words and Adwords. It's definitely not the first thing you should be doing to generate traffic to your site.

Our president is a Yahoo Ambassador, Google Adwords Professional and a long time judge for the WebAwards. Our web design and web development services were built on the new media priniciples he has been using for years.

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