Web and New Media Solutions - With over a decade of experience working on the Internet in areas from web marketing and web design to web development and web-based integration, eWareness has the expertise to help your company. From concept to implementation, you will find we are committed to helping your business grow through our web and new media services. We have been instrumental in helping companies grow leads from a handful to thousands a year. These leads have attributed to triple and even quadruple revenue growth percentages. With a good plan of action and our experience we are sure we can do the same for your company.

Web Marketing Solutions - Is the term used to describe the process for helping market a company's products and/or services online. Web Marketing works to integrate both creative and technical aspects of the Internet and may include using such techniques as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Online Public Relations Campaigns, Online Advertising Campaigns and integration of traditional marketing, advertising and public relations services. And of course Web Marketing includes the creative aspects of the Internet including web design, web development, content creation and more. Web Marketing is also referred to as: Online Marketing, Website Marketing, Internet Marketing, Cyber Marketing and eMarketing.

Internet Publishing Solutions - eWareness is the publisher of several online directories aimed at making it easier for internet users to find and use said directories. We are currently working on the design, development, integration and of online marketing of

Traditional Marketing Solutions - Our backgrounds come from working in various marketing and sales capacities at numerous small and medium sized businesses. In different capacities at different companies we have helped our respect past companies grow often times where their growth ranked them in such prestigious award programs as: Deloitte & Touche's Fast 500, Deloitte & Touche's Regional Fast 50, University of Florida's Florida 100, Software Magazine's Software 500,'s 50 To Watch, Telecom Magazines' Telecom 500 and the grand daddy of all awards for private companies, Inc. Magazine's Inc. 500. We've helped many companies year after year make it onto one or more of these esteemed lists. We are sure we can put your company on track to get ranked on one of these awards.

Traditional Advertising Solutions - Having worked in marketing and sales departments for various companies over the span of our careers, we have time and time again been involved with all aspects of advertising. From campaign planning and ad creation to media buying and media placement, we have done it all. We've worked by ourselves and we've worked with advertising agencies. We've got employees with advertising agency experience working in such cities as Baltimore, St. Louis and on famed Madison Avenue in New York City. This, combined with our other experiences, makes us one of the truly well-rounded business services firms. Let us show you how we can put our advertising know-how to help you increase your image through our advertising program many times at a cost lower than your current advertising expenditures.

Traditional Public Relations Solutions - We have written and submitted thousands of press releases, corporate profiles, Buyer's Guides listings and more. Our walls are filled with articles that have been written about our clients and their products and services. We've gotten stories published in such industry publications as eWeek, Telephony Magazine, Software Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Florida Today, Orlando Sentinel, Wired, Brevard Technical Journal, New York Times to articles online at Yahoo!, ZDNet,, and more. We've created and submitted press releases internationally as well. We have been involved with international campaigns that included PR in Russia, Ecuador, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, England and the USA. We guarantee we can get you the same type of exposure very likely for much less money than you can imagine.

Graphic Design Services - eWareness offers very affordable, award winning, custom graphic design services. We have been instrumental in creating professional online and traditional marketing and print material for businesses around the globe. Our graphic designers come from various backgrounds including graphic designers for technology companies, art directors at advertising agencies, freelance graphic artists and graphic design instructors. While they come from different industries, they all share one thing in common: a deep understanding of how to take an idea from concept to design in order to best represent each client's design needs.

Business Development Services - What are "miscellaneous services?" Well, I guess one could argue they are anything outside of our normal services. In the past, we've been involved with everything from helping a company find resellers for their products to helping a company bring in outside funding by matching them up with a venture capital firm. Internally, these services may fall under the responsibility of your financial controller or your sales director. Our past experience has taught us that often times these directors have little to no experience "finding a distributor in South America" or "bringing in outside money in order to meet the US government's requirements for 10,000 units of your products". No offense to your staff, it's just that we've seen many small companies where employees have to wear many hats. Most of the time they have neither the time nor the notion to implement a project that could likely be the pivotal turning point for your company. We can help by working with your staff.