Publicity Tracking Services

eWareness has many years of strong publicity generation experience. We have written and submitted thousands of press releases, corporate profiles, Buyer's Guides listings and more. Our walls are filled with articles that have been written about our clients and their products and services. We've gotten stories published in such industry publications as eWeek, Telephony Magazine, Software Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Florida Today, Orlando Sentinel, Wired, Brevard Technical Journal, New York Times to articles online at Yahoo!, ZDNet,, and more. We've created and submitted press releases internationally as well. We have been involved with international campaigns that included PR in Russia, Ecuador, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, England and the USA. We guarantee we can get you the same type of exposure very likely for much less money than you can imagine.

While writing, submitting and distributing your press release may sound a bit intimidating, one of the most important and crucial pieces of public relations is tracking your company's success. A well-written press release does nothing if it is not picked up by the media. eWareness offers affordable tracking services that will help you determine how best to tweak your PR campaign for continued success.

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