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"Why does my site show up as "Untitled Document" when I search for my site online?"

Whether you designed your site in-house, had a friend / family member design it or paid to have a professional design company create your website, it's quite possible an injustice has happened. Independent of the look of your site, there are crucial search marketing steps that need to be taken to ensure a site shows up properly in search engines and directories.

Common problems we see with sites include: Untitled Document, Missing Descriptions, Generic Descriptions, Not Listed Properly, Excessive Duplication, Poor Menu Structure, Site Unlisted, Missing Pages, Missing Images, Bad Links, Typos. And the consequences are typically: Don't / Barely Show Up Under Your Own Name, Under What You Do, Geographically and / or Spelled Correctly.

Believe it or not, many people write off the Internet as "no real buyers," "nobody wants what I have," "my prices must be too expensive" and a plethora of other reasons why a site is not generating traffic. Would you open a store and immediately reduce your prices by 50% just because nobody has walked in your store in the first 5 minutes of business? If you would, then you would be making a big business mistake.

eWareness has the experience to quickly and affordably help you with some of these common mistakes made by both beginner and expert site designers.

Take this quick test: go to a search engine (Google, Yahoo & MSN for instance) and type in your company name. How does it show up (if at all)? Type in your site address (example: How does it show up? If you are unhappy, concerned, confused or surprised, please contact us. One of our staff members will gladly (and for free) explain the problems you are seeing with your site and offer solutions that will help your site get back on track. Have you see one of our direct mail pieces: post card 1 | post card 2?

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