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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Here are several frequently asked questions we get asked on a regular basis from webmasters all over the world related to their site's search engine optimization process (or lack there of). Please email any questions you'd like answered to and, if it's a question we think others may have, we will post it here to help other designers.

Question: "Why does my site show up as "Untitled Document" when I search for my site online?"

Answer: Whether you designed your site in-house, had a friend / family member design it or paid to have a professional design company create your website, it's quite possible an injustice has happened. Independent of the look of your site, there are crucial search marketing steps that need to be taken to ensure a site shows up properly in search engines and directories... click here to read full answer.

Question: "We made all the changes your site recommended and yet a week later we are still seeing our site as "Untitled Document" in Google. Please help!"

Answer: The original site was likely missing the Title tag or the current site was missing them originally. Google indexed the page and voila... "untitled document". Not sure when the site was last updated, but Google, Yahoo, et al. can take some time for updated sites to show up in each search engine's respective results. In due time it will absolutely fix itself. The main issue is "how long will it take?" You can definitely force an update by setting up a sitemap and... click here to read full answer.