eWareness' Corporate Overview

eWareness, Inc. was started with one simple idea: take our founder's years and years of marketing and sales understanding with his over a decade’s worth of experience working on the Internet and combine them in order to help businesses with limited budgets compete with larger companies with deep pockets.

eWareness, Inc. is one of the few companies that incorporates strong, traditional marketing and sales know-how with years of online marketing expertise. Our experience comes from being in the same situation you are probably in right now.

For decades companies have been trying to gain and/or maintain revenue by any means necessary. From unsuccessful cold-calling and exhibiting at expensive trade show to sponsoring costly industry events and advertising to a diminishing audience, businesses have continued to spend a vast amount of money attempting to gain and/or maintain market share. Now, with the Internet being a key element in conducting business as inexpensively as possible, companies can reduce marketing expenses and show a greater return on investment (ROI).

eWareness, Inc. has dedicated its business to doing just that. Our plan is very simple: create online awareness around your company, product and/or service; get visitors to act on that awareness; and help you build a process for streamlining sales (click here to see our Flash presentation showing this message). This is all done with the ultimate goal of helping your company increase revenue and gain market share.

If this even remotely hits home, we ask for just a few minutes of your time to explain how we can use our experience to help your company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are positive you’ll consider this one of those “great decisions” you made during your company’s pathway to success.  

eWareness is an award winning, United States veteran-owned, Internet marketing agency specializing in offering web-based marketing, web-based advertising and web-based public relations services as well as award winning web design and development to companies and government agencies in an effort to increase their online exposure. eWareness helps companies formulate web based strategies to launch new products and services with the goal of increasing online traffic, building online brand recognition and ultimately helping increase sales. eWareness offers a full suite of products and services that help businesses and government agencies build, maintain and enhance their online presence, generate online traffic and streamline their online marketing, advertising and public relations efforts. Our president is a Yahoo Ambassador and Google Advertising Professional and a long time judge for the WebAwards.

If you are an investor interested in finding out more information about investment opportunities with eWareness, please contact investor relations department.

If your are a member of the media and wish to speak to us about a recent press release, to reference any part of eWareness in an article or to speak to us about advertising, please visit our media relations page.