Typical SEO Results

Over the years our clients have seen various results once they've had eWareness better optimize their site. Here is sample of some of the typical results our clients have seen once they've begun working with eWareness:

Search Engine Optimization - What You Can Expect

Once your site is better optimized, you will start to see one of many changes.  Almost always, and usually within a short period of time, you will notice a significant increase in site traffic.  Typically, an increase in traffic will also mean an increase in prospects/leads.  Utilizing your web site as part of your overall marketing strategy can have the same results as any of your other marketing activities.  Meaning: if you get phone calls and emails after you run an advertisement or send out a press release, then it’s likely your site will get the same results.  The only difference is an optimized site isn’t a one time thing, it’s ongoing and can bring you prospects at any given day or time.

Search Engine Optimization - Reducing Your Cost Per Lead

Since search engine optimization is often times less expensive than an ongoing ad campaign, exhibiting at a trade show or telemarketing, your cost per lead (CPL) will be significantly lower. This is something that is usually not considered when companies are forced because of budget constraints to weigh the option of optimizing a site over running a bigger ad, getting a bigger booth at a trade show or just about any other marketing function. SEO has one of the lowest cost per lead!

Search Engine Optimization - Your Marketing Budget

We are not recommending canceling your trade show program or suspending your advertising campaigns; we just find it amazing that some companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars exhibiting at a trade show where their cost per lead runs in the hundreds or thousands but have a website that barely shows up under your company name, nonetheless, what you do!

Here is a list of some of the results our clients have seen after optimizing their sites (results vary as does time it takes to see results):


  • Steady and consistent increase in prospects, leads, Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ), Bids and more
  • Contact from the media looking for quotes for articles
  • Contact from companies looking to partner with your company
  • Contact from directories telling you they’ve added your site
  • Contact from sites looking to exchange links
  • Resumes from candidates looking to apply for a job or opening (even if you have no current openings)
  • Contact from investment firms and other outside investors interested in discussing investing in your firm
  • Contact from friends and family members who found your information online and are looking to reconnect with you or other members of your staff
  • Reduce other marketing activities that have a higher cost per lead
  • Reduce number of exhibits at trade shows and industry events
  • Reduce number of ads and/or size of ads
  • Cut back on or eliminate online advertising budgets
  • Reduce sales cycle
  • Increase international exposure
  • Find referrals
  • Get better results from press releases
  • And much, much more 


Nearly every project we work on pays for itself ten-fold within the first year, often times within the first month!