Web Traffic Analysis Solutions

It is nearly impossible to make any changes to an online campaign, website or a combination of both without first getting a good understanding of the current status of your site's online traffic. No matter what web marketing communications company you are talking to, we strongly recommend viewing and saving as much information about your site prior to making any dramatic changes to your online marketing efforts. This is extremely important in order to:

  • See what is happening with your site's traffic right now
  • Be able to track (for better or worse) changes to your site
  • Have a timeline for what has changed and the results
  • Have more information in order to get a clear understanding of what is happening and whether you actually need to make dramatic changes
  • Be able to breakdown traffic to determine the real problem:
    • Is it a traffic problem? Search engine optimization issue?
    • Is it a website quality issue? Design? Navigation? Content?
    • Is it other factors? Pricing? Perceived value? Reputation?
    • Is the traffic great but sales non-existent?

Each issue above usually points to one of several problems. The key is to understand the problems you are experiencing and make changes accordingly. Many businesses seek Internet marketing advice from people and businesses who don't understand this fundamental piece of online marketing.

eWareness works with several main web analytics packages including several server-based analysis packages (free and paid) and, of course, Google Analytics (Google Urchin). Every project we work on has an analytics element to it that allows us to track all changes and view concrete evidence that your traffic is in fact increasing. Here is a basic list of a site's traffic we feel is essential to see:

  • Website visitors
  • Unique website visitors
  • Page views
  • Average pages viewed per visitor
  • Visitor entries by page
  • Visitor exits per page
  • Visitor traffic patterns
  • Visitor company information
  • IP Tracking
  • Keyword used to find site
  • Keyphrases used to find site
  • Time on site including time on each page
  • Traffic by day of the week, hour, minute
  • and much much more

It's only after we've been able to look deeper into your site's traffic that we will make suggestions and recommendations.

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