Hospitality Industries

eWareness, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to help companies in the hospitality industry. Whether you own a small, local bar or manage a chain of restaurants, eWareness can help you get your establishment online and help bring visitors to your site.

We've helped hotels, resorts, restaurants and more increase their amount of patrons, guests, etc. in a very quick period of time. Our customers cover our fees typically after just a few new guests or patrons eat at their restaurant or stay at their hotel.

You're the owner of a local resort or restaurant. When you close your doors at night, any rooms un-reserved, any tables left vacant are lost revenue. Some would argue that any additional guests at that point is a bonus since your doors were about to shut. Now just imagine what filling just one more room reservation each night or sitting one more couple a night will do to your annual revenue. Let's say your room rate averages at $200 a night. One additional room reserved per night = $73,000 per year. Two rooms a night = $146,000. Three rooms... well you can do the math. The point is: if we can help you add one additional room a night for a one time fee that is likely no more than a few nights stay, then why wouldn't you do it? Add in the fact that you don't pay us until after we see results, well then it really becomes a no brainer.

Contact us today for your free consultation. We will offer a detailed overview of how we can help you, what to expect and what it will cost you when we are finished. We do this at no cost to you other than a few minutes of your time.